8(a) Minority Owned SDB

Advantages of using an 8(a) Company

Choosing an 8(a) Company allows your organization to work directly with a company that is both experienced and efficient in consulting to develop and implement business, technology and engineering initiatives. The benefits of using an 8(a) contract vehicle include:

  • Significantly faster procurement process
  • Start the project in days instead of months
  • Ability to procure both goods and services-Streamlined approach to the project, due to reduction in bureaucracy
  • Reduced acquisition cycle, measured in days
  • Lowered administrative costs
  • Initiate contract with a high‐level statement of work
  • Directly negotiated best value pricing
  • Credit for small business promotion within the Agency

Sole Source\Direct Award How-to

  • Federal customers can issue a sole source contract to G3 Innovative Solutions by following these simple steps.
  • Send an 8(a) Offer Letter to our Washington, DC SBA contact at DCOfferLetters@sba.gov
  • Click here for 8(a) Offer Letter Template of G3 Innovative Solutions, LLC 
  • Wait to receive the SBA’s Letter of Approval (approximately 3 days)
  • Send Request for Proposal (RFP) to G3
  • G3 submits proposal
  • Award the Sole Source contract to G3 (Please note: For compliance, the offering letter from the agency to the SBA CANNOT be sent to anyone within G3 Innovative Solutions, since the offering letter includes the IGE dollar amount.)